Saturday, July 12, 2014

Some story unindentified

The room was dark, the doors and windows of the rooms were closed, Navya was lying on the bed tears were coming out from her eyes and falling on the pillow. Shahwaan had came to her house he was holding a book of engineering mechanics in his hand. “you have your back paper tomorrow, take this book it will help you a lot” Said shahwaan. Navya  snatched the book forcefully and kept stairing him and suddenly washed her face with water and spoke boldly “I am not a coward, what do you think? Navya is a fool, she will die for you, I am absolutely fine, just go now. And if you can help me with the subject do it and then go”. Tears were falling from her big eyes. Shahwaan smiled in a dull way “time has taught you so much stiffness navya, is it you?, you will be so burst with me, I had never thought”. He taught her for some time and then leaves.
“the marriage is in December shahwaan told varun
Oh! But ……….are you happy? What are you doing? Have you ever thought of the future shahwaan? Varun tried to convinced and sympathized  with shahwaan. Shahwaan was looking helpless .
Navya was not able to survive without shahwaan. She was having a tough time, she kept thinking of shahwaan whole day his eyes, his smile, his humorous behavior. She was not able to concentrate on her studies. She fought with shahwaan every day, he was not able to answer anything to navya, he knew that navya was hurt, he was wrong, but he cannot restrict himself from going near navya. They had stopped talking to each other. Every thing went wrong., navya and shahwaan stopped every bit of they had loved.
Every thing had started changing around. The love of navya for shahwaan had been lost. May be navya was not able to understand shahwaan. Navya’s life had changed a lot. Her room was always dusty, scattered. Books and note books were always scattered, she wore irrelevant clothes, hair was not combed. She always kept crying alone in the room. She used to listen sad songs. She did not like studying, eating, talking to anybody or doing anything. She called shahwaan several times a day but always was not able to talk to him. One month have past mrs. Archana had realize that something was wrong between navya and shahwaan.

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